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Solo-XD 7075 Aluminum Cog

Solo-XD 7075 Aluminum Cog

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    Introducing the Solo-XD Single Speed Conversion Kit for XD/XDR Hubs - Your Ultimate Cycling Performance Upgrade! Introducing the Solo-XD Single Speed Conversion Kit for XD/XDR Hubs - Your Ultimate Cycling Performance Upgrade! Revolutionize your cycling experience with the Solo-XD Single Speed Conversion Kit from Wheels Manufacturing. Designed to seamlessly transform your XD/XDR hubs into a powerful single-speed setup, this kit offers unrivaled simplicity and precision for a ride like no other. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Solo-XD kit guarantees a seamless conversion process. Engineered for optimal chainline and reliability, it ensures consistent power delivery while minimizing friction. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist seeking a new challenge or a commuter aiming for a smoother journey, Solo-XD enhances your ride by eliminating derailleur complexities. Installation is a breeze, requiring minimal tools and time, thanks to our user-friendly design. The high-quality components in the kit, precision-machined in-house, promise durability and longevity, backed by Wheels Manufacturing LLC's renowned quality standards. Embrace the freedom of single-speed riding and elevate your biking adventure with the Solo-XD Single Speed Conversion Kit. Unleash the true potential of your XD/XDR hubs and experience cycling in its purest, most exhilarating form. Elevate your performance - embrace Solo-XD today!


    The Solo-XD features a clever design that utilizes a base sleeve, which easily slides onto the XD/XDR freehub body, mimicking the process of installing a cassette. Once the base sleeve is in place, you can effortlessly slide the spacers and cog over it, securing everything with a reliable lock ring.
  • Material: Corespun 320 TPI
  • 7075 Aluminum carrier and cogs for durability
  • 6061 Aluminum Spacers
  • Kit weight 115g (lighter than other kits on the market)
  • Adjustable spacers to achieve the optimal chainline
  • Compatible with SRAM XD/XDR freehub bodies
  • Cogs are designed with narrow-wide alternating tooth pattern allowing for superior chain retention
  • Additional cog sizes are available in 16T, 18T and 20T
  • *Cogs are optimized for use with Solo-XD Carrier system only.


  • 1 x Lock Ring (6061 Aluminum)
  • 1 x Carrier Ring (7075 Aluminum)
  • 1 x End Spacer (6061 Aluminum)
  • 1 x 5mm Spacer (6061 Aluminum)
  • 2 x 2mm Spacers (6061 Aluminum)
  • 1 x 1mm Spacer (6061 Aluminum)
  • 1 x 1.8mm XDR Conversion Spacer (6061 Aluminum)
  • 1 x 18T Cog (7075 Aluminum)