Service & Workshop

Let our team of highly experienced mechanics take care of your bike so it takes care of you! We offer a wide range of options when it comes to service, and our mechanics can offer advice on anything you need.

Our standard service packages are laid out below but do get it touch with us if you need something more specific as whatever it is, we've done it before.


  • Kids Bikes

    Basic Checkup

    Inspection of Bicycle


  • Bronze

    Basic Checkup

    Inspection of Bicycle

    Brake and Gear Adjustment

    Wheel True/Spoke Tension Adjustment

    Drivetrain Lubrication


  • Silver

    Full Checkup

    As Bronze, also includes:

    Every nut and bolt checked and tensioned.

    Hub bearings checked, cones adjusted.

    Headset adjustment.

    Bottom Bracket adjustment.


  • Gold

    Full Checkup

    As Silver, also includes:

    Replacement of any major components such as:

    Chain and cassette, chainrings, bottom bracket etc


  • Platinum (Excludes full sus. MTBs)

    Full Comprehensive Service

    Strip down and rebuild of bike.

    From £150

  • Platinum (Full sus. MTBs & TT/Tri bikes)

    Full Comprehensive Service

    Strip down and rebuild.

    Rear swing arm bearings checked/replaced.

    Does not include suspension servicing.

    From £250

Other Servicing and Workshop Offers

For all other types of service work, please contact us to discuss your requirements as it is impossible to list everything here so you all have such varying needs. We will tailor our work to you to make sure you're completely happy with your bike before it leaves us.

Servicing E-Bikes

Please note that due to the increasing number of budget e-bikes available with highly variable quality control, we are only able to service the electronics on bikes by brands we stock ourselves. The increasing need for specialist equipment and training, coupled with the unreliability of many budget imports mean that we are not always able to acquire the parts, often because they are not designed to be replaced at all. We are still very happy to service the mechanical parts of these bikes.