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Bike Fit

Bike Fit

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2D Fit

General process

Stage 1

Discussion about what it is you require from your fit, whether it's increase in performance, addressing any discomforts you're experiencing or you'd just like to be sure you're in an efficient riding position.

If you have a bike, we will measure it so we can replicate the position on our fitting jig.

Do a pedal assessment using your current riding position, as well as noting any observations.

Stage 2

Physical assessment (Check flexibility, pelvis rotation etc.).

Fit cleats accordingly.

2nd pedal assessment, with slow motion footage for review.

Talk about pedalling efficiency and what can be done to improve it, if anything need improvement.

Stage 3

Make any adjustments to saddle position to help achieve your goal.

Multiple pedal assessments throughout the saddle adjustment process along with feedback.

Once saddle position has been set, we'll move on to the reach and height for the handlebars, based on our physical assessment. Making sure you are not over reaching, and the position correctly maintained whilst not overloading muscle groups, such as core, arms, lower back etc.

Stage 4

Final pedal assessment, comparing the before and after results.

Discussing potential exercises/pedalling drills to help assist you.

Transfer your new position from the jig to your bike.

If you have the following, please bring them with you:

  1. Your current bike.
  2. Either tight fitting or your cycling clothes (Doesn't have to be cycling specific).
  3. Cycling shoes.
  4. Pedals/cleats if not already on the bike/shoes.
  5. Saddle if you have found one that works for you already.
  6. Small gym towel.

3D Fit

Same as 2D fit, however, we also assess from the front to track knee alignment.  This can also include trying wedges between your shoes and cleats where required.


Revisit (Pedal assessment)

After a full fit, you may wish to come back to have another assessment to see how things have changed, and/or to make any further changes.


Apply fit to additional bike

Many of us have more than one bike, and after a full fit, you'll understand that applying your new riding position to another bike isn't quite a simple as getting out a measuring tape, and measuring from the cranks/pedals to the saddle, or from the saddle to the bars.  You'll see how we do it when applying your fit to your bike, and if you wish for us to do the same for an additional bike, then this is the option to choose.