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Schwalbe Addix-Race E-One V-Guard Tyre (Folding) (Evo)

Schwalbe Addix-Race E-One V-Guard Tyre (Folding) (Evo)

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Specially developed for E-Race bikes. 

Fast racing tyre specially designed for E-performance: The V-Guard puncture protection belt ensures high puncture resistance and the new Addix Race Compound offers tenacious grip at high cornering speeds and extensive durability in E-operation. 28mm and 32mm wide for added comfort on the home track as well as on an uphill, Alpine pass. Also the new E-One has ECE-R75 approval for fast E-Bikes.

  • Evolution line
  • Folding tyre
  • V-Guard
  • Certified up to 50km/h
  • Liteskin