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Schwalbe Inner Tube Aerothan Lightweight

Schwalbe Inner Tube Aerothan Lightweight

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Outstandingly lightweight, extremely robust:

The tube revolution made of Aerothan.

Aerothan is a material that completely redifines bicycle tubes: extremely light, with maximum puncture protection and designed for minimum rolling resistance. 

The revolutionary new tube make of Aerothan achieves top values for elasticity, weight and puncture protection never seen before - and all that without rubber. For road bikes, mountain bikes and trekking bikes.

The Facts:

  • Fully lightweight, right to the valve - about 40% less weight than a comparable Schwalbe extra light tube
  • Puncture protection newly defined - the material itself prevents sudden air loss
  • Minimal rolling resistance - maximum riding dynamics
  • 100% recyclable
  • Extremely heat resistant - certified for rim brakes
  • A stable ride - even with low air pressures
  • Made in Germany

Race Tube: For road riding with tubes, the Aerothan tube is the first choice. It offers low rolling resistance with dynamic, smooth riding characteristics. Compared to butyl tubes, a total weight reduction of 100g may be achieved for the entire bike. Aerothan Tube Race offers not only reliable puncture protection, but also safety when descending a mountain: even when several emergency brakes are applied with rim brakes in short sequence, one can count on its heat resistance capacities.

MTB Tube: The Aerothan Tube MTB is just as resistant to snake bites as it is to side wall damage - thanks to the extremely robust material. In cross-country and marathon, a surprisingly low weight and low rolling resistance are great advantages. Even on challenging trails, this tube never gives up on you: Thanks to the exceptional form stability of the Aerothan Tube MTB, even at low air pressures, you always keep control of your bike.

Allround Tube: The Aerothan Tube Allround is extremely light and absolutely reliable high end tube for urban cycling and touring. Compared to Schwalbe standard tubes, it reduces a bicycle's weight by about 180g - this, in combination with low rolling resistance, makes cycling even more enjoyable. Cyclists on long nature rides can rely on excellent puncture protection.Even without remembering to use a pump before a ride, the Aerothan Tube Allround can handle it: Also at low air pressures, it maintains shape and ensures a safe ride on the trail.